How To Make Your Own Teddy Bear At Home?

Do you have a child and you are looking to make a teddy bear but don’t know how? Don’t worry, we have your back. A teddy bear is one of the things that kids love to have and spend time with. Have one for your child means a lot. But it is even more when you make it yourself. There are so many materials that you can use to make one. For instance, if you want to make a very soft teddy bear, you could consider using fleece. Normal fur is also great. Here is how to make your teddy bear at home.

Things you need

To make your teddy bear at home, here are some of the things that you need;

  • Material needs to be around a half a yard
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Fabric pen
  • Embroidery floss
  • Buttons

You may need to get more materials based on how fancy you want your teddy bear to look.


If you have a pattern, consider printing it. After that, cut it out. Making a template for your teddy bear is easy. You can do it by putting the pattern on a section of cardboard and draw just about and hack it. The next thing is to put the cardboard plaything template on the incorrect part of the stuff. You should check to ensure that the material will run on the right path down your bear. After that, draw just about the template, flip it above and draw just about it once more. Hack both sections out.

After you are done with the above, try and place all the pieces above one another, the wrong sides should be out. Sew them together and ensure you leave a gap that is huge enough so the bear is padded.

You want to ensure that there is no puckering while turning the bear right side outside. Clip just about the bear’s curves. The next thing is to turn your bear right part out. It will help you find it simple to make use of the wooden grip of the wooden spoon. This will assist to pull out the legs and arms.

Your teddy bear is nearly complete. Now you need to stuff it using poly fiberfill padding that you prefer and sew up that gap.

The teddy of your child needs to have eyes. You can use some sew on the button eyes. But, if this teddy is for your child, consider sewing on the eyes using floss.

Your nose has a shape and so is the nose of your teddy bear. Create the shape of the nose through stitching a triangle and stuff it using vertical stitches. Use a Y-shape to make a nose as it will guide you down to its mouth. After that, the next step is to customize using a ribbon. Make use of a bow on the head for a female. If it is a boy, use a bow just about the neck – read article on what does teddy bear mean.


Now, your teddy bear is all done. You now need to gift it to your child or sell. You can also find good patterns online that can help you create a good one.